Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nova Open


I'm looking forward to the 40k Championships this weekend, but I'm also not stressing them either. Or, at least, as much as "not stress" tournaments. The peril is that I'm going in cold, having never tested my list, and I have until, well, tomorrow. And really, my list is fixed at this point (turned it in early to get the extra raffle ticket), so crying, spilled milk, etc.

My list is semi-casual, and fits in one (small) Battlefoam case. I figure that I'll be able to keep all my clothes, figs and travel display board in one suitcase. So, anywho, here is the list.

The Sanguinor

Librarian with Jump Pack, Blood Lance and Shield of Sanguinius

Honor Guard with 4 Lightning Claw/Storm Shield Troops and Priest

1 Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack

3 x Assault Squads with Melta x 2, Powerfist

1 Assault Squad with Flamer x 2, Powerfist and Melta Bomb

1 7 man Vanguard Vet with 3 Power Weapons, 1 Power fist, and one Melta Bomb trooper

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Relevant to my interests

Kromlec is putting out some interesting products soon

I shall watch this project with great interest.