Saturday, November 8, 2014

Preparing for the Con Season to Start

So, I'm primarily a Resurrectionist player for Malifaux, and I feel like I've been missing some important support models from my stable of go-to models. Namely, Bête Noir, and Chiaki the Niece. Bête is the hidden punishment threat that make people reconsider who they want to kill and where, and Chiaki brings much needed condition removal and stable healing to the crew, plus (with a 1 pt upgrade) she's a source of slow for the opposing crew. AP management is king, and forcing a walk instead of a charge can mean the difference between life and death of a model. And I think you'll agree that Bête is also a fairly neat model. I wanted to limit the colors I used in the model to make it cleaner and more striking. I also used Privateer Press colors for the first time, though I didn't see any real difference between them and the Vallejo I usually use. Perhaps those who are better painters can point out the reason they're better.
Also, from the Sage Old Painters Advice Department: if you're not getting any thing to come from the dropper bottle of paint, clear the neck of the stopper. Do not do what I did, or else all your Vallejo Scorpion Green will explode onto your palette, your clothes, and everything else. That is not recommended.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Built a Rogue Necromancy the other day, and got it painted. I'm quite pleased with it, but it's huge. Like perhaps absurdly tall, even for a Height 3 model. I don't have a banana for scale, but perhaps these will do.