Saturday, September 14, 2013

Malifaux (Avengers) Assemble!

Because what's a miniatures blog post without some images?

I'm mostly finished with the Golem and the Gamin for Rasputina.

This is all that I've painted in the last week or two. I was bored today, so I pulled out my unassembled Malfaux and went to town:

I put together:

Mei Feng
3 RailWorkers
3 Metal Gamin
Viktoria of Ashes
Viktoria of Blood
3 Ronin
The Student of Conflict

I'm debating putting together my Herald of Obliteration Crew, but really, I've get enough stuff to paint. The Good news is that Secret Weapon is releasing a sewer themed  set of bases, and I'm (nominally) building a sewer themed table, so I think the Viks have found their basing style.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Speaking of Frozen Planets...

Yup. I had a plan coming back from Gencon that I was going to focus on getting Mei Feng ready, so I'd have two Ten Thunders crews ready to go. I'd ignore the Viks and Rasputina in order to get Mei ready and out the door.

Yeah, about that...

Heh. I couldn't resist opening up the other boxes. Sadly, the Hired Swords had a mispack, so now I have two Viktorias of the Blood, and no Taelor, so that's a no-go until Wyrd sends the replacement. And I love the new 'Tina models, soooo...

I just have the one Gamin painted, but I have bases for all of them done up. I'm going to be adding the Crushed Glass from Secret Weapon to add an ice feel to the base top.