Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dreamforge Games: Progress on the APC

God, I'm kicking myself. I should have ordered a ton of these from the Kickstarter, and I didn't. I should have known better.

These are astounding, as you can see from the following pics.

The larger doors will be hinged, but the smaller ones will not be. That's a problem that magnets can solve. The not stormbolter will have a full traverse, and will be able to shoot anywhere around the vehicle. More pics and a further write-up are here.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My First Warmahordes figure...

My first table ready Warmahordes figure.

Don't tell my abusive wife, Games Workshop. :)

The bases of my Warjacks.

I like them, but I realize the problem with custom bases, is that now I have to make custom bases for everyone in the group. Warband? Force? Or whatever they're called in Warmahordes.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Leviathan Painted and further Hobby Progress

Yay! Paint is on my first Leviathan, and it's now on Display at Titan Hobbies. Kurt wanted a display model in the cabinet and was all too happy to oblige. I'll ask him if I can display my Eisenkern, too. One of these days.

I've also assembled the following:

Kiari and her Crew, about 10 Figures.

A Legion of Everblight Battlebox

A Khador Battle Box

A Tectonic Craft Studios Bunker.

Apparently, Adepticon has left me in a hobbying mood. Which is good, because I have to get ready for my Secret Weapon Table, which should ship around October. I hope. I'm going for the Clean/Ruined Wargamer table, but the Ruined Temple looks nice as well. There's only two days left, though.