Friday, May 10, 2013

Leviathan Painted and further Hobby Progress

Yay! Paint is on my first Leviathan, and it's now on Display at Titan Hobbies. Kurt wanted a display model in the cabinet and was all too happy to oblige. I'll ask him if I can display my Eisenkern, too. One of these days.

I've also assembled the following:

Kiari and her Crew, about 10 Figures.

A Legion of Everblight Battlebox

A Khador Battle Box

A Tectonic Craft Studios Bunker.

Apparently, Adepticon has left me in a hobbying mood. Which is good, because I have to get ready for my Secret Weapon Table, which should ship around October. I hope. I'm going for the Clean/Ruined Wargamer table, but the Ruined Temple looks nice as well. There's only two days left, though.

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