Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dreamforge Wave 2 order came in, and I've been a busy bee...

Well, if you follow my blog, and apparently 30 of you do, you might have seen the above image before. It's my first of the Dreamforge Leviathans I picked up, and it's proudly in the case at Titan Games and Hobbies.

I've had my second Levi just sitting in it's box, and I haven't touched it all. And then these came in:

Since the painted Levi was at the store, I decided to assemble the one that was at home. I pulled out my LED kits and got to work. Sadly, there's just not enough room in the guns or torso for a full 9v to fit into it, so I had to order the mini-ones from the kit maker. Thus, the torso lights are still a work in progress.

But the guns work.

Oh, and there's one of the 15mm Levi's for scale.