Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity...

I've committed to the ultimate vanity project that a gamer can commit to: custom dice.

Thank you, Chessex.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I have a wild hair...

I've been getting a weird urge lately. I want to repaint my guard, or at least paint a guard army. 

It's something that Russ Wakelin (I think) was talking about many episodes ago. At least I think it was him, and if it was, I'm certainly paraphrasing here: you're a slave to your old models. You've collected an army for years; you've painted it in a certain style, and your painting style is now frozen in that time period because everything has to match. 

This model was recently painted, but could easily be one I painted 13 years ago.

And my Valhallans are that army. I love them, and it wounds me to think about putting them in the simple green dunk, just for an experiment. There are colors on those models that GW doesn't even make anymore. And that was before the massive paint reboot. 

But I have a few ideas on armies that I want to make that might distract me from my model melancholy. I love all the old metals, Mordians, Tallarn, etc, and the thought of putting together a US Armed Forces Tribute list keeps bubbling in my brain. I'd have Mordians as Marines/Vets, Cadians as Army (as an infantry platoon), Kasarkin standing in for Navy Seals (complete with Vendetta transports), and perhaps converting up some Avengers to have as counts as Vendettas.

The Valk kit could easily be turned into this. You'd just need to rationalize its transport capability. 

Of course, I also have that mostly assembled Double Wing army, as well.