Monday, July 2, 2012

My First Game of 6th

And it was a draw three turns in. Dark Eldar vs my Flesh Tearers. Both of us had flyers; I with my Storm Ravens, and he had a Void something or other. We ended up playing "Purge the Xenos", or whatever they call kill points now, with the end to end deployment. I ended up getting two Kill point off my initial drop; he killed two squads. That's all well and dandy. But this game still has the same DNA that we've all become familiar with, with added tactical choice. I'm all for it, at least right now, but I find myself thinking too much. Having to think about the rules impedes the thinking about tactics, but I sense the glimmer of goodness there. I'm looking forward to my next few games, so I can put the rules behind me, and get to the meat of the game. Practice will make perfect, after all.

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