Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Painting and a Tournament!

I've gotten more than a few models ready in the past few days:

All these have been for Templecon and Adepticon after that. I'm nervous, as I haven't practiced enough with the majority of my Outcasts to truly get a feel for them. I might just work with the ones I do know (Tara and Von Schill) so that I can feel comfortable/be in the Zen of playing. In other words, I'll play with what I know well so that I can be thinking about the game/strats/schemes, rather than how my models work. Levi might see table time, but that depends on my mood.

In other news, I'm the henchman for Bel Air Games, going on for six months now. I've run a league there, but I've never run a single day event/tournament. Well, as of 2/21/15, that's about to change. We're going to have a three round, 50ss Gaining Ground Tournament. We're relaxing the painting requirement, due to this being a new store/group and all, but the terrain should be awesome, the place is well stocked, and a Miss Ery is up for the prize pool for the top placer.

Here's a FB event notice for you if you'd want to join in!

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