Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wargames Factory has a melt down

You know those neat alternate models that could be used for IG, put out by Wargames Factory?

Well, it looks like they're in rough seas.

A press release from Wargames Factory Sales Director Lonnie Mullins -formerly of GW Trade Sales- detailed that CEO Tony Reidy is no longer with the company in an official capacity, and that with Tony's departure, the supply issues would be resolved post haste.

Reidy, not to be outdone, posted an open letter that all that was bollocks, and Lonnie Mullins was someone who would "[throw] me under the bus" and who "has no honor whatsoever." It seems at some point, Reidy sold the majority of his company to his supplier, and this is a cause of great regret for Reidy, as he has no say.

More information can be found on this Dakka thread, including a link to a further staffer's letter regarding the situation. The long and the short of it, though? If you got those great coat troopers, count your blessings, as we're not likely to see them ever again.

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