Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2nd Crew Ready to Roll

Sorry, no pics, as there's no paint, but I've finished putting together my 2nd Malifaux crew, one that will be compliant with the upcoming 2nd edition.

Sadly, Kirai will not be one of the crew rules sets initially released, so she's in limbo right now. But that did give me impetus to work on my Miasaki crew. I've put together the Thunder box set, plus a set of of those [expurgated] Ten Thunder archers, and Yamaziko. With M2E hitting, both Ototo and Yamaziko can henchmaster, so I can use those in lower points games, but as it is, I've got about 53 Soulstones with of stuff to play with.

I'll try to play a few more games of the beta rules until Gencon, when I can (hopefully) pick up the new rules set.

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