Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Terrain being worked on

GW's Firestorm Redoubt

Kitbashed Memorial Garden

Tectonic Game Studio's Gallows

Tectonic Game Studio's Shipment's Torii Arch

Been a bit busy with it, in fact.

I'm planning ahead for my Secret Weapon Tablescapes table that I got via their Kickstarter. I was orginally slated to get the Ruined Cityscapes, but I'm thinking that the ruined temple would still work with my terrain and allow me to play Malifaux on it. Of course, I could just build a 3x3 for Malifaux on my own, which I'm exploring as an idea (given the dearth of "inside spaces" available for tables). It just doesn't seem right to be playing a steam punk game on a Zone Mortalis board all the time.

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