Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bonkers for Bunkers

It seems I've made a few in my day.

Still ugly

My first is one I made from instructions I found in the old 4th edition rulebook, back when hobbying was allowed, perhaps even encouraged!

Given how rough mine looks, perhaps I shouldn't have been encouraged. It may be pug ugly, but it gets the job done. It blocks LoS, and protects models. I made two of the buggers, and both are still with me after 8 years, so I think they've made their $10 I put into them back for me.

And if you want to make your own (hopefully less ugly) bunkers, Miniwargaming shows you how easy it is right here:

I was also excited to see the GW Wall of Martyrs one as well. It looked neat and fit the grimdark. That was, of course, until I got it home. It was tiny, smaller even than my trusty foamcore bunker.

Note which one actually has paint on it.

Interior detail, but still no lavatories in the 41st millenium

At the last Adepticon, I spied the bunker above available as a kit from Tectonic Craft Studios. Two bucks more, and tons more room, plus interior detail and usable roof space.  I will admit, it was more complex to assemble than the GW bunker, but given the sheer size of it, and how well the kit is engineered, I'll work with it. In fact, I bought another one. I'm just waiting to assemble it.

That being said, I did but the firestorm redoubt. Because flyers. The rule are wonky, but I think in the end, it'll be effective.

This one is still WIP, just like the Tectonic Bunker, the Redoubt is just further along.

Now, I just need that table to come in from Secret Weapon, and we'll be set!

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  1. Any chance you can give me an idea of the length, width and height of the Firestorm Redoubt? I'm looking to scratch-build a Tyranid Cersion, but I have no wish to catch hell over having too large/small a building.