Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some completed terrain

These, I love. I got them from The construction of both is solid, and relatively easy with the youtube tutorials Warsenal puts out. As of last time I checked, there's not tutorial for the large shipping container to the right, but you can extrapolate from the tutorial for the small container. Warsenal also makes magnetic stacking wound markers that are pretty nice looking.  When I use dice, I invariably end up picking wound dice up accidentally; this simplifies the process.

I also showed you Tectonic's Gallows last post. I wanted a sun-bleached, derelict look for my wood work, so I ended up priming black, heavily dry-brushing Chardonite Granite from GW's older foundation paints. One of the most versatile colors they ever made, by the way. It's gray or green depending on the highlights, and always looks proper drab after you're done with it. I then did a dry brush of my apple barrel craptastic "I only use these for terrain" paints, and it came out nice. I'm going to add a bit of static grass to the base, and maybe a twine noose, but then I'll be done with it.

A macabre terrain piece for many systems

It's hard to see, but there's just a bit of blood spatter on the gallows.

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