Wednesday, July 7, 2010

1500 Escalation League part 2

Chaos Daemons, Nurgle

Same list as the last post.

I ended up facing a Brettonian list with two large lance formations, a Duke, a BSB, a prophetess on foot, a damsel on horseback, peasants with fire arrows, and a stone thrower.

We played mission 4, which stated that once your army was down to two remaining banners/general points, they lost the game.

We rolled off for terrain, and I placed a manor house centrally to block LOS for some of his units, and a tower opposite it to funnel the action to a narrow choke point. I set up favoring the choke point, and set my Prince up behind the manor house to keep from the archer's line of sight. My nurglings flanked to the right of his heavy unit with the Duke, BSB and assorted knights.

His Duke unit was stationed near the choke point, and his other unit was to the right of the manor, near the stone thrower. The peasants were at the choke point opposite the Duke/BSB unit, and the Prophetess was between the two, as bait.

Fairly soon, I got myself in trouble. My nurglings tried to get out of his charge arc, but the didn't quite get there. The Duke's unit stomped them into the ground in one combat with the nurglings doing nothing.

I charged my Prince into the duke's unit unsupported, hoping to kill them fairly easily, but their armor held well. I had a chance of breaking him that first turn, but the valorus standard (accompanied by his uncanny knack of making ward saves) saved his bacon. Over a few rounds of combat, the rpince was seen off. To support him, I charged the units in after him, and we ended up with a bizzare combat tetris. Please marvel at my MS Paint skills:


Eventually, even the peasants joined the party, flanking my plaguebearers on the side, but it was too late for the Prince, as he was killed shortly after, but not before the prophetess died. The peasants were flanked themselves by the other Plaguebearers. The peasants died horribly, and I failed to restrain my victorious Plaguebearer's pursuit. They took themselves out of the cover the manor provided, and allowed themselves to get smashed between two brettonian units of knights. After that, it was game over. Two rolls determined the game: his passed leadership after my Prince charged him, and my failed pursuit retraint. If either of those had gone the other way, it would have been a much different game.

What did I learn?

My list is vulnerable to heavy armor. I need magic or high strength models to get past it. Or I need to cause more wounds. I have to learn not to be baited by seemingly vulnerable units alone. I have to learn better positioning, and that monsters unsupported are not in a favorable position. Had my nurglings survived and been able to flank him, I might have broken him, and then the game would have swung a different way.

Good lessons, I say.


  1. I very much like the plaguebearers in the image - very cool!