Wednesday, July 7, 2010

1500 Point Escalation League WHFB

Chaos Daemons, Nurgle

Making a Daemons of Chaos army fit 1500 points with the models I've got is more difficult than I thought. I was supremely outnumbered by both my opponents, but that's to be expected with daemons, I suppose.

Daemon Prince
Winged Horror, Soul Hunger, Unnatural Swiftness

Herald of Nurgle, BSB with Banner of Sundering, Noxious Vapors, Slime Trail

Herald of Nurgle, Noxious Vapors

20 Plague-bearers, MSC, Banner of re-roll wounds

20 Plague-bearers, MSC, Banner of re-roll wounds

5 Nurgling bases

1500 even

I lucked out with my first opponent taking the Lore of Light, so my banner was in full effect against the Empire.

We played meeting engagement, and my prince and my non-bsb plague bearers ended up in reserve. I won the roll to set up first and positioned lone PB unit where I could claim some cover from a watchtower midfield. I held my scouting nurglings back. He ended up with just two units in reserve, some swordsmen with their detachments being in reserve, and some handgunners. He placed his remaining swordsmen to the left of my unit, and his flagellents right in front of my BSB unit. His wizard was midfield, and his priest was with his swordsmen. There was a mortar and a cannon on my far right, and a cannon just behind the midfield wizard. I placed my nurglings where I could threaten the warmachines and prayed he didn't roll a six to get first turn.

My prince and the missing PBs came on from the board edge, and the nurglings marched toward the mortar. The charge against the flagellents failed, and the PBs stumbled forward. Things did not look good for our intrepid non-heros. On his turn, his flagellents crashed into the BSB's unit, full of hate and such, but the PB's gave as good as they got, and ground them down after two turns. The prince ended up being shot up, and in the next turn, was Van Horstmaned to death by the priest. The priest's swordsmen and attached spears smashed into the fresh PB squad, and the two units slowly ground each other down, with the advantage on the side of Nurgle. In the meantime, the BSB's unit killed the handgunners attached on the priest, while the underestimated nurglings slaughtered the mortar crew, overran into the nearby cannon crew, killed them, and panicked a unit of handgunners off the board, and then survived a fulisade from another handgunner unit, only to kill them off as well. Don't underestimate the power of 15 poisoned attacks!

Meanwhile, the BSB's unit circled around to the rear of the now decimated swordmen, and were in a position to charge them. The priests bound spells had all been dispelled, and now the unbreakable swordsmen with the priest with a 5+ ward save was down to just the priest. The spearmen had long fled, and the priest decided to leg it. The nonBSB plaguebearers ran him down. From there, it was simply consolidating my victory.

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