Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another 1500 point game

Daemons Of Chaos, Lizardmen

I went to 'orkridge to hang out and talk to the people there, and I ended up playing another 1500 point game.

I used the same list, against a young gent's Lizard list. 3 skink priests, so he had all the Heavens spells, a big block of Sarus cav, and a big block of Sarus. I don't know what he was thinking.

We played meeting engagement, and it ended up with most of my stuff being on the board, except for the nurglings. So no worries. Up until I read that fliers take extra hits from all Heaven spells. Those skinks had to go. The lizards got the first turn, and the cav got in there quick. His foot Sarus were stuck in reserve, and walked on. It was the start of his bad luck with the winds of magic, a remarkable three dice. His charging Sarus on Cold Ones killed two whole Plague Bearers, and I ended up killing three. His Sarus held due to some magic item making them stubborn. My Prince moved to kill the priests, and to get out of the charge arc of the foot sarus.

My second PB unit flanked the Cold One Riders, and we cut them down. I didn't fail a single regen save. He couldn't hit anything. It was horrible. He finally got his Foot Sarus in, and his hero rolled 5 misses for his five attacks. I just couldn't lose. I straight up murdered him. I kind of felt badly. It was as if my dice were in opposite land. I will never, ever have this good a game in a tournament. His Sarus, despite charging and being in 4+ ranks with spears, ended up running, and moved a bold three inches away, right in the charge arc of the Prince. At that point, my opponent shook my hand and called it a night.

What did I learn?

Position is everything, and the charge doesn't mean a thing when you can't hit. Also, complex combats suck to figure out.

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