Sunday, May 16, 2010

Daydreaming about a list

The 2500 point list I would build if I was a master painter with more money than sense. Inspired by the Sanginary Guard Box set:

Dante 225

BA Libby with jump pack, Unleash Rage, Shield of Sanguinus 125

Sanginary Guard Squad x 3 with Death Masks, Inferno pistol and Power Fist 250 x3

2 Regular Assault Squads (ten men) with Flamers x2, Power Fist x1 each 225 x 2

1 Regular Assault Squad (eight men) with Melta x 1, Power Fist 189

2 Sanguinary Priests with Jump Packs 125 x 2

2 Vindicators with Siege Shields 155 x 2

2 squads of Attack Bikes x 2 with Multi-meltas x2 100 x 2

Would it be effective? Hell no.

Would it be pretty? Hell yes.


  1. I have actually had some good results with the Sanguinary Guard. You stack a few support elements to them, and they are a great assault unit in the troops choice.

  2. What would you use to support them?