Sunday, May 2, 2010

Possible 'ard Boy List #1 The Flesh Tearers

Wow, it certainly has been some time since I looked at this. Time to blow the dust off of it, and get back to regular posting now that school is winding down.

'ard Boy Season is upon us, and given my resounding lack of success from last year, I want to make up for it this year. I know that I'll be facing leaf blowers x 8000 if I go, so I'm thinking I need to make a list that combats that, rather than succumb to using my own Imperial Guard list. In that vein, I'm looking at two non-ig options I have that might make my inital run easier.

Blood Angels, Flesh Tearers, Veteran, Warhammer 40,000

Flesh Tearers 4th Company Blood Angels

The Reclusiarch rides with the Termies, and the libby and the priest float where they're needed. This list is not subtle at all, and is meant to pound face. It's got psy defense, and can kill anything it gets it's hands on. The baal can scout or outflank, which ever is needed. The tac squad can combat squad in case an objective needs a baby sitter, a risk, but worth it.

Reclusiarch Power Fist 145
Librarian Unleash Rage Shield of Sanginus 100

Assault Squad, 10 Sgt Cost Paired Lightning Claws Flamer Flamer 230
Assault Squad, 10 Sgt Cost Powerfist Melta Melta 235
Assauly Squad, 9 Sgt Cost Powerfist Remove jump packs Melta Gun Rhino 222
Tactical Squad, 10 Sgt Cost Powerfist Melta Gun Lascannon Rhino 260

Sanguinary Priests, 1 50
Assault Terminators, 6 Lightning Claws x3 Thunder Hammers x 3 Land Raider Crusader Multi-Melta Extra Armor Search light 531
Furioso Dreadnaught, 1 Librarian Dreadnought Wings of Sanguinous Might of Heros 175

Fast Attack
Attack Bike, 2 Multi-Melta Multi-Melta 100
Baal Predator, 1 Extra Armor Heavy Bolter Sponsons Searchlight 161

Heavy Support
Vindicator, 1 145
Vindicator, 1 145

Points Summary:
HQ: 245
Troops: 947
Elites: 756
Fast Attack: 261
Heavy Support: 290
Total: 2499

I know that most IG players will be running with a Mysticx2 combo, so I'll want to avoid Deep Strike. I'm going to put the vindicators in front of the Land Raider to provide cover, and move agressively up a flank. Depending on the sight-lines afforded available to the mystics, etc, I may combat squad my melta assault squad to drop them on a flank. As long as they can avoid the mystics, they might be able to roll up a flank. Descent of Angels will make Deep Striking more attractive, and could combat the penalty for the Officer of the Fleet.

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