Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Product review - Armory Spray Primer.


So, I usually use the Walmart brand Colorplace Flat Black, but I was at my local gaming store, and decided to pick up a black primer while I was there. My only gripe with the Colorplace spray is the fact that it isn't a true black; it's more of a dark grey.

They were selling the Armory spray at a very reasonable price for a specialized primer, and I picked it up.

I regret my purchase. My new vindicator is completely fuzzed, and I'm going to have to dip it to clear that gunk off of it. I did all the usual tricks: I shook it for a minute, sprayed a bit to get it going, and then used small sharp bursts. It worked for the GW primer back in the day, and it worked for Colorplace as well. It does not work for Armory at all.

The nozzle is now clogged with black gunk. It even had a ribbon of black pigment ooze out of the thing like one of those crappy black snake things you give to kids that you can't trust with sparklers.

So, in short, don't buy this product.

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  1. Ouch. You know, you should expect a specialty primer to be at least as good as the cheap store stuff. Bad enough the stuff is crap, but to have to clean off a new vindicator because of it is just wrong.