Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not-so-Serious Soap Box: Smoking is bad for your habit.


I'm all for individual freedoms, but I'm all for people realizing the costs of their bad habits. And the bad habit I want to talk about is the big daddy: smoking. I've never smoked myself, beyond the odd bummed clove while drinking. The main reason was that I was too cheap. And smoking is stupid expensive in the long run. Let me illustrate it for you.

One of the fellows on the Freebootaz forum quit smoking for six months, and with his savings, was able to buy the following:

A Chaos Warhound and 2 turbolaser arms
2 Renegade IG Conversion Kits
1 Renegade IG Enforcer kit
1 Renegade IG Priests
2 Shadowsword kits
3 Manticore/deathstrike kits
1 Basalisk Kit

1 Wii

Just think about that amount of stuff. That's just six months after quitting. Don't make the decision for health or whatever else. Make the decision to quit because of the shiny stuff you'll get otherwise.


  1. Too true, too true. It's amazing how well you can fuel one addiction if you give up another.

  2. And in the long run, oral cancer from licking brushes is much cooler than lung cancer, which any moron can get. :)