Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I hate the end of the semester

16 pages worth of projects due, and 'ard Boyz this weekend.

Still, despite the Third Mission Controversy, I think I'm going with my Blood Angels list. I'll do some play testing tomorrow and Friday to see if I should go with something else, but here goes nothin'

Flesh Tearers 4th Company Blood Angels

Reclusiarch Power Fist 145
Librarian Unleash Rage Shield of Sanginus Epistolary 150

Assault Squad, 10 Power Fist Flamer Flamer 225
Assault Squad, 10 Powerfist Melta Melta 235
Assault Squad, 8 Powerfist Remove jump packs Melta Gun Rhino 204
Tactical Squad, 10 Powerfist Melta Gun Multi-melta Rhino 250

Sanguinary Priests, 2 Jump pack Power Weapon for Jump Priest 140
Assault Terminators, 7 Lightning Claws x2 Thunder Hammers x 5 Land Raider Crusader Multi-Melta 565
Furioso Dreadnaught, 1 Librarian Dreadnought Wings of Sanguinous Blood Lance 175

Fast Attack
Attack Bike, 2 Multi-Melta Multi-Melta 100

Heavy Support
Vindicator, 1 Siege Shield 155
Vindicator, 1 Siege Shield 155

Points Summary:
HQ: 245
Troops: 914
Elites: 880
Fast Attack: 150
Heavy Support: 310
Total: 2499

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