Saturday, June 19, 2010



I'm debating it.

I know, say it isn't so.

I've made a stand against the system for years due to it's fiddly bullshit movement rules. But I played my first game in ten years today, and I liked it. I had my ass handed to me, of course (friggin Dark Elf assassins!), but there were a few moments out there that seemed like fun.

I ended up borrowing a friend's High Elf army, with a big block of 50 Lothran Sea-guard, White Lions, Sword Masters, and Phoenix Guard. Add in two mages and a lord, and that was it. He pulled out a Hydra, Two units of Corsairs, and some Cold One Knights. I did well in the Magic Phase (despite a miscast), but he pummeled the snot out of me in the Melee Phase. Though I did have a champion challenge one of his Assassins, and over the course of two rounds, the assassin proceeded to whiff entirely, while my champion murdered him outright. It was all for naught, though. Eternal Hatred carried the day. I was sent scurrying back to my island home, with the forces of Naggaroth claiming the field of victory.

The game was well paced, the combat was relatively transparent, and the new casualty removal rules made the second + ranks seem less like counters and more like they were part of the unit. I'll have to sit down with the rules at some point and read through them more thoroughly. But, all in all, I enjoyed it.

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