Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hive of Activity (Works in Progress)

I've been getting things together for this week's Tournament @ Blob Park, and since it's a "paint optional" event, I don't have to get things together for it.

But it still feels better having a cohesive looking army on the board. To that end, I've been working on getting things painted if I can make the tourney.

You can click on any of the images, and it'll take you to the image's dakka page, where you can see it full sized, and even zoom in on things. Dakka's Gallery is free for members, and membership to Dakka is free. So, win.

These terminators are not fully highlighted, and are missing lens work on the two in the back. Plus, My Baal Red wash got all shiny. I'll have to dullcoat them at some point.

Assault, Blood Angels, Flesh Tearers

I need to work on the siege shield, the smoke stacks, and the cupola gun, but otherwise, we're done with this one. I still have to finish another one, though.

Blood Angels, Flesh Tearers, Vindicator

This is nowhere near done, paint job wise, but I like how the conversion came out.

Blood Angels, Flesh Tearers

All metal bodies + all plastic arms means I pinned each of them. There's nothing worse than hunting for missing body parts.

Assault Squad, Blood Angels, Flesh Tearers, Metal Figures

These High Priests are pretty much done, except for basing and a few touch ups.

Blood Angels, Flesh Tearers, Sanguinary High Priests

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