Saturday, June 12, 2010

So I just got back from the Semi-Finals...

Scooter, Damien, Leigh and I all caravaned up to The Aventurer's Guild in Harrisburg, Pa to take part in the 'ard Boyz Semi-Finals tourney.

Here's my list:

Flesh Tearers 


Reclusiarch Power Fist 145
Librarian Blood Lance Shield of Sanginus 100


Assault Squad, 10 Sgt Cost Paired Lightning Claw Flamer Flamer 230
Assault Squad, 10 Sgt Cost Power Fist Melta Melta 235
Assault Squad, 9 Sgt Cost Power Fist Remove jump packs Melta Gun Rhino Searchlight 223
Assault Squad, 10 Sgt Cost Power Fist Flamer Flamer 225


Sanguinary Priests, 2 Jump pack Power Weapon for Jump Priest 140
Assault Terminators, 7 Lightning Claws x2 Thunder Hammers x 5 Land Raider Crusader Multi-Melta 565
Furioso Dreadnaught, 1 Librarian Dreadnought Wings of Sanguinous Might of Heroes 175

Fast Attack

Attack Bike, 1 Multi-Melta 50
Attack Bike, 1 Multi-Melta 50
Attack Bike, 1 Multi-Melta 50

Heavy Support

Vindicator, 1 Siege Shield Searchlight 156
Vindicator, 1 Siege Shield Searchlight 156

Points Summary:

HQ: 245
Troops: 913
Elites: 880
Fast Attack: 150
Heavy Support: 312
Total: 2500

My first opponent, Kier, was using a two Land Raider Crusader Blood Angels list with a crap ton of Typhoons, two units of missile devs, Asteroth with a jump squad, and a multi-melta dread in a pod. I had first turn, and set up with an aggressive position with my Vindicators, LRC, Attack Bikes, Libby Dread, and I had this all backed up by my PA Libby in the Rhino with Shield of Sanginius. I kept my double melta assault squad in reserve to DS with the Sanguniary Priest with the jump pack, and my other jump assaults to reserve in on the long table edge near my placed objective. Essentially, my plan was a basic pincer move. I would herd my enemy from his corner, down to where my reserves would be coming on, and we would meet in the middle. This plan worked almost perfectly.

I could tell that this opponent was not as familiar with the Blood Angles codex as he would have liked. He didn't know that Vindies were fast, and how the Psychic powers worked. I advanced into his lines, and he was hesitant to strike against me, holding Astaroth and his squad back. One of his LRCs was immobilized the first turn, and while his fire neutralized the Vindies with stuns and shakings, he kept pouring fire into them, letting everything else into close contact with troops. My Terminators ended up killing his Devs, Astaroth, and his squad, while my attack bikes and LRC pummeled his Land Speeders into submission. He did pop my Librarian dread first thing with his podded dread, but, for the most part, I kept everything intact and functioning. What did not work on my end was meltas vs his second LRC. It happened to be parked near an objective, and cost me the Massacre. Major Win, with three points.

Second game had me playing against Trevor, an Iron Fist Leagueer, who was also using an Asteroth BA list. 3 Storm Ravens, Death Company, DC Dreads, Furiosos, Lemartes, a partridge in a pear tree... I won the toss to got first or second, and I went second, keeping everything in reserve. As I began to trickle in on the second turn, I ended up with my double melta squad DSing onto a Storm Raven (Yes, I know, even with DoA), but beyond that, I got about a third of the force in. I pulled them onto the extreme right flank, hoping to mitigate the left-most storm raven and a libby furioso. It was very touch and go at first, with my casualties mounting quickly. But the tide turned with Trevor moved a Storm Raven near the board's edge to get a rear shot against my Vindie, and ended up killing it. The next turn, I surrounded its base, and wrecked it. Since he had to deploy, and there was nowhere else to go... There went a DC dread and the only other scoring troop in the game. I killed off about 500-600 points in one blow. From there, I mopped up. Trevor was jovial throughout, and a great opponent. He ended up giving me the Massacre, and two bonus points were earned in addition.

That placed me in a very good position to take one of the top three spots. I ended up facing Damien Greene, who I played in the last 'ard Boyz as well. It was a hard fought, and fantastic game. Damien and I fought tooth and nail the entire time, and shook hands at the end. He was running a Kahn bike list, with three Twin-linked AC Dreads, an Inquisitor with Tarot, three bike squads, three thunderfire cannons, two inquisitorial melta storm troopers in rhinos, and two landspeeder typhoon squadrons. He castled center, and I came in from my side deployment, all in at once. I defeated myself. I thought I could take out his melta storm troopers in the rhinos, but it was all for naught. They popped both my vindicators in the second turn. It turned that area into a parking lot. After that, I got bogged down in assault, which Khan left over and over with his hit and run. It was frustrating as all hell. His thunderfires kept pinging me to death. Over six weary turns, he killed all but 310 points of my list, where I didn't even get quite through half of his. My TH/SS terminators were rockstars, though. They survived almost until the last turn, and ended up chasing Khan and his squad off, earning me my one lonely point for this round.

Total Score: 43 points, Damien took first, Logan Payne took second, and Scooter scoot, scoot, scooted into third.


  1. Wow. Even I am a bit impressed by the sheer geekness of this post. I didn't really know that people like you still existed.

  2. Aren't you being deported to China? :)